Masked Metal Mayhem – Terror Universal

Terror Universal are carving a name for themselves, leaving their bloody mark on heavy metal history! If you haven’t heard of this thrilling new band, we have all the gory details!


Made up of current and past members of Machine Head, Ill Niño, Soulfly, and Upon A Burning Body, Terror Universal is a horrifying new metal band that is spreading like the plague. The group most notably features ILL NIÑO drummer Dave Chavarri, pulverizing the skins in this devilish new project.

Their debut album ‘Make Them Bleed’ was released on January 19 via Minus Head Records. The disc features guest appearances by John Moyer (DISTURBEDART OF ANARCHY, ex-ADRENALINE MOB) and Tony Campos (FEAR FACTORYMINISTRYSOULFLYSTATIC-X). Campos appears on the track “Dead On Arrival”, and Moyer can be heard on “Spines”.

Terror Universal recently released a haunting new music video for the track “Through the Mirrors”. The slasher-flick inspired music video can be viewed here:

Terror Universal have been described as “the  musical equivalent of a slasher film” and their music has been characterized as “snapping from moments of intense sonic bloodletting into menacing melodic mayhem before creeping back into the shadows to do it all over again”.

The full details of this fearsome foursome remain shrouded in mystery. One thing is known for certain; members Plague [vocals], Massacre [drums], Diabolus [bass], and Thrax [guitar] are out for blood. If you’re a fan of bands like Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, and Motograter – Terror Universal will strike a twisted chord in your evil little soul.

The gruesome masked metallers clawed their way into our hearts in 2014, releasing the Reign of Terror EP a year later. A short time after, the band was sharing the stage with the likes of Korn, Asking Alexandria, HELLYEAH, Papa Roach, Fear Factory, Incite, and more around the globe. 2017 saw them strike a deal with minus HEAD Records and prepare their full-length debut, Make Them Bleed, for worldwide domination.

There is much to come from these metal monsters. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here is a collection of Terror Universal music videos:


Vocals: Plague
Drums: Massacre
Guitars: Thrax
Bass: Diabolus

Article by Noah “Shark” Robertson

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