Can I join Slipknot?! Slipknot fan bothers Corey Taylor and desperately tries to join Slipknot... Video by musician/comedian, Noah "Shark" Robertson

Viral Corey Taylor Slipknot Mask Meme Origin

Update Video: Can I join Slipknot?! Update:  The internet is a crazy place. The original Slipknot meme has now been re-purposed as a low-budget Halloween meme and is going more viral than the original meme: Origin Story Below >>> The Corey Taylor Slipknot Mask Meme that is breaking the internet! The origin of the massively … Continue reading Viral Corey Taylor Slipknot Mask Meme Origin

Masked Metal Mayhem – Terror Universal

Terror Universal are carving a name for themselves, leaving their bloody mark on heavy metal history! If you haven't heard of this thrilling new band, we have all the gory details! Made up of current and past members of Machine Head, Ill Niño, Soulfly, and Upon A Burning Body, Terror Universal is a horrifying new … Continue reading Masked Metal Mayhem – Terror Universal

These baby nu-metallers will steal your heart! Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, Motograter

The kids pictured above are paying homage to Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, and Motograter. Actually, one of the kids featured above is somewhat of a celebrity in the Mushroomhead world, and has performed with the band several times.

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