Viral Corey Taylor Slipknot Mask Meme Origin

Update Video: Can I join Slipknot?!



The internet is a crazy place. The original Slipknot meme has now been re-purposed as a low-budget Halloween meme and is going more viral than the original meme:


Origin Story Below >>>


The Corey Taylor Slipknot Mask Meme that is breaking the internet!

The origin of the massively viral Corey Taylor Mask Meme that Metal Injection shared and Corey Taylor retweeted! Jim Root shared the image as well! Horror Icon Tom Savini even mentioned it in the press, Blabbermouth, etc. 

Musician and stand-up comedian, Noah “Shark” Robertson, known for drumming with bands such as Motograter, The Browning, and Jeffrey Nothing (Ex-Mushroomhead) has gone viral with his parody rendition of Corey Taylor from Slipknot’s brand new mask. The pictures and memes spread like wildfire and eventually reached outlets such as Metal Injection. Corey Taylor, who seemed to have a sense of humor about the meme, also retweeted the story; with winky face emoji and horns included. 😉 \m/

Robertson created the mask at a recent stop on the Jeffrey Nothing/JUNK tour in Kansas City where he did an impromptu comedy set on stage which can be seen here: SLIPKNOT COMEDY VIDEO

“Then we did the mask, and the mask has gone crazy! There was a lot of negative response, initially. I just got a copy of Kerrang! with Corey talking about the man behind the mask — about me — in that magazine, but the fans were like, ‘Savini? Oh shit, my sister could have done better than that.’ Someone even fastened a milk carton to their face and posted a side-by-side and said, ‘Nailed it!’ Regardless, the mask looks excellent.” – Tom Savini

(Robertson also petitioned the band publicly via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to join the band as percussionist, but has yet to hear back from the band…)








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