Holy mother of... I'm going to start a new series, here and now, entitled TALES FROM DEEP INTRERNET. Mostly because it's always late at night when I'm browsing the insanity of the web that I discover the most random, off the wall, asinine websites... Who? What? How? Why? These are the questions we will ask … Continue reading TALES FROM DEEP INTRENET – PART 1

Best ROCK and METAL Albums of 2016

Hey guys and gals! Noah "Shark" Robertson here with my favorite Rock and Metal albums of 2016: Keychain - 'Breaking Out' Megadeth - 'Dystopia' Cage9 - 'Illuminator' Cane Hill - 'Smile' Darkc3ll - 'Haunted Reality' In Flames - 'Battles' The Claypool Lennon Delirium - 'Monolith of Phobos' Deftones - 'Gore' DevilDriver - 'Trust No One' … Continue reading Best ROCK and METAL Albums of 2016

Who is Andrew Bowser? The weird satanist guy… The weird gamer comic-con guy…

The first time I was made aware of this outrageous and mysterious character, was in a viral video entitled "Weird gamer guy". The video features E3 corespondent, Tessa Smash, interviewing... "Onyx the Fortuitous". A while later, I noticed another video surfacing, entitled "Weird satanist guy", in which a local news cast covers the story of a satanic statue unveiling, and a few of the attendees are interviewed. There he was again, in all his glory!

News Crew Freaks Out Over Giant Shark

This guy's reaction is awesome. lol "I'm never going into the ocean again" - Karl What. was. that. In this video a giant shark jumps out of the water. The news crew can't keep it together.

The Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of. Ever. = The Periwinkle Massacre

This band should be huge. Massive. I can't get enough of this. You can download this song for free on the new Swimming With Sharks Metal Compilation Volume 6 here: Tell me you don't think these guys are sexy. Swimming With Sharks Records will be releasing their 'The Fear We Create' EP VERY SOON.