Masked Metal Mayhem – Terror Universal

Terror Universal are carving a name for themselves, leaving their bloody mark on heavy metal history! If you haven't heard of this thrilling new band, we have all the gory details! Made up of current and past members of Machine Head, Ill Niño, Soulfly, and Upon A Burning Body, Terror Universal is a horrifying new … Continue reading Masked Metal Mayhem – Terror Universal

FREE MUSIC – All the FREE music you can handle…

FREE MUSIC! Below, I have included links to FREE downloads of some amazing albums... each one is 100 percent FREE! Feel free to share these links, download the albums, and definitely let us know what you think! Thank you! Enjoy! [Swimming With Sharks Entertainment, Zombie Shark Records, and Swimming With Sharks Records permits the use … Continue reading FREE MUSIC – All the FREE music you can handle…

You have to spend money to make money – Your band is a business

I get messages all the time from bands that think if you have to pay for anything, it's a rip-off. Artists think if they have to pay for something, that it isn't necessary or is a "scam" somehow. Let me tell you here and now. A band is a business. You have to spend money … Continue reading You have to spend money to make money – Your band is a business

People are going to hate you – How to deal with negative feedback

It's imperative that I remind you that the more people discover your band and your music or whatever project you have going - the more people have an opportunity to formulate an opinion. If negative comments and feedback are showing up, as hard as it is to see it this way, it's actually a good … Continue reading People are going to hate you – How to deal with negative feedback

Surviving The Music Industry in 2018

Here's some advice for surviving the music business...

Amazing Music Industry Advice from Erik Baker of Concrete Entertainment

“A young kid inboxed me asking, "Dude, how do I become successful in the music industry?" and I wrote back, "I have no idea, dude? Maybe you could help me with that!!!". He wrote back, "Haha seriously" and I responded with this… First, try to succeed in life. That shit is way harder than the … Continue reading Amazing Music Industry Advice from Erik Baker of Concrete Entertainment


Update... it looks like the site has been taken down or something... :/ We shall see... Holy mother of... I'm going to start a new series, here and now, entitled TALES FROM DEEP INTRENET. Mostly because it's always late at night when I'm browsing the insanity of the web that I discover the most random, … Continue reading TALES FROM DEEP INTRENET – PART 1

Who is Andrew Bowser? The weird satanist guy… The weird gamer comic-con guy…

The first time I was made aware of this outrageous and mysterious character, was in a viral video entitled "Weird gamer guy". The video features E3 corespondent, Tessa Smash, interviewing... "Onyx the Fortuitous". A while later, I noticed another video surfacing, entitled "Weird satanist guy", in which a local news cast covers the story of a satanic statue unveiling, and a few of the attendees are interviewed. There he was again, in all his glory!

The Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of. Ever. = The Periwinkle Massacre

This band should be huge. Massive. I can't get enough of this. You can download this song for free on the new Swimming With Sharks Metal Compilation Volume 6 here: Tell me you don't think these guys are sexy. Swimming With Sharks Records will be releasing their 'The Fear We Create' EP VERY SOON.

How about some GOOD Things That Local Bands Do

Everywhere you look, there's some article with a title that reads something like, "The Top 50 Annoying Things That Local Bands Do" or "20 Things Your Band Should Never Do".

Death Metal Band On Kids TV Show… What ever happened to them?

Since then the band has been hard at work writing, evolving, progressing... they have gone through a remarkable transformation in the past few years. You must hear it to believe it. Their newest album 'My Vaseline Diaries' is an incredible work of art. If you're into technical death metal, grindcore, and/or experimental metal then you're in for a real treat...

These baby nu-metallers will steal your heart! Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, Motograter

The kids pictured above are paying homage to Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, and Motograter. Actually, one of the kids featured above is somewhat of a celebrity in the Mushroomhead world, and has performed with the band several times.

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