Stephen Colbert Signs FLAW to Record Deal

As you may have seen, Stephen Colbert mentioned the band FLAW on the Late Show recently on CBS, during a monologue about President Trump. Colbert talked about the band’s recent crowd-fund for a new tour vehicle and even plugged one of their upcoming shows. He then proceeded to say that he was a “huge FLAW fan”. As if that wasn’t startling enough, he then says that FLAW is his “favorite band” on his show a day later, throwing the horns and yelling “FLAW!”. The bit sent the internet and media ablaze and social media into a frenzy, prompting Colbert to do the unthinkable. That’s right. In conjunction with CBS, Colbert has launched his own record label he is calling “Late Show Records”, with FLAW being the first signing. The band has inked a multi-million dollar deal with a new album slated for the very end of 2018.

The album will be aptly named, ‘Guns. Fuck yeah! ‘Muricah!’ Happy April 1st.


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