Best ROCK and METAL Albums of 2016

Hey guys and gals! Noah “Shark” Robertson here with my favorite Rock and Metal albums of 2016:

Keychain – ‘Breaking Out’


Megadeth – ‘Dystopia’

Image result for megadeth dystopia album cover

Cage9 – ‘Illuminator’

Image result for cage9 illuminator

Cane Hill – ‘Smile’

Image result for cane hill smile

Darkc3ll – ‘Haunted Reality’


In Flames – ‘Battles’

Image result for in flames battles

The Claypool Lennon Delirium – ‘Monolith of Phobos’

Image result for claypool lennon delirium album monolith of phobos

Deftones – ‘Gore’

Image result for deftones gore

DevilDriver – ‘Trust No One’

Image result for devildriver trust no one

Flaw – ‘Divided We Fall’

Image result for flaw divided we fall

Hed PE – ‘Forever!’

Image result for hed pe forever! album

Gemini Syndrome – ‘Memento Mori’

Image result for gemini syndrome memento mori

Katatonia – ‘The Fall of Hearts’

Image result for katatonia fall of hearts

Korn – ‘The Serenity of Suffering’

Image result for korn serenity of suffering

NYVES – ‘Pressure’ EP

Image result for nyves pressure

Puscifer – ‘Money Shot Your Re-Load’

Image result for money shot your re-load album cover

RED – ‘End of Silence (10 Anniversary Edition)’

Image result for red end of silence 10th anniversary edition

Seasons After – ‘Manifesto’

Image result for seasons after manifesto

Twelve Foot Ninja – ‘Outlier’

Image result for twelve foot ninja outlier

Anti-Clone – ‘The Root of Man’

Image result for anti clone the root of man

American Head Charge – ‘Tango Umbrella’

Image result for american head charge tango umbrella

Testament – ‘Brotherhood of the Snake’

Image result for testament brotherhood of the snake album cover

Allegaeon – ‘Proponent For Sentience’

Image result for allegaeon proponent for sentience

Killswitch Engage – ‘Incarnate’

Image result for killswitch engage album cover incarnate

Dead By Wednesday – ‘The Darkest of Angels’

Image result for dead by wednesday the darkest of angels

Arise in Chaos – ‘Terminal Cognition’

Image result for arise in chaos terminal cognition

The Black Crown – ‘Fragments’


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