Update… it looks like the site has been taken down or something… :/

We shall see…

Holy mother of… I’m going to start a new series, here and now, entitled TALES FROM DEEP INTRENET. Mostly because it’s always late at night when I’m browsing the insanity of the web that I discover the most random, off the wall, asinine websites… Who? What? How? Why? These are the questions we will ask ourselves, as we journey into TALES FROM DEEP INTRENET. On tonight’s premier episode, we discover www.Airplay.com. I thought, perhaps, I had discovered a new avenue to get radio play for bands. Nope. Instead… well… HELL!!! What is going on here?! This website is what I would imagine it would be like walking through the fiery gates of Gehenna! Be warned! Until next time, night owls! – Shark


Now that I think about it… this site is pretty metal… \m/ http://www.airplay.com/666.html

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