Who is Andrew Bowser? The weird satanist guy… The weird gamer comic-con guy…

The first time I was made aware of this outrageous and mysterious character, was in a viral video entitled “Weird gamer guy”. The video features E3 corespondent, Tessa Smash, interviewing… “Onyx the Fortuitous”.

Needless to say, the video received millions of views and it left a lot of people, including myself, wondering if this guy was for real. I mean, seriously? A while later, I noticed another video surfacing, entitled “Weird satanist guy”, in which a local news cast covers the story of a satanic statue unveiling, and a few of the attendees are interviewed. There he was again, in all his glory!

At this point I was sure this guy was playing a character… and was also a freakin’ genius! I had to find out who he was… I started scrolling through the comments on Youtube, and bam! There it was!

[By the way, in case you’re wondering what the whole, “Notice me, Senpai” thing is, I did a little research on that too. If you’re not into Manga, then you probably didn’t know this either. According to www.knowyourmeme.com“I Hope Senpai Will Notice Me” is a catchphrase commonly associated with anime shows and manga books that can often be found on the microblogging site Tumblr to express a quest to resolve unrequited admiration. Images utilizing this catchphrase will sometimes feature superimposed cherry blossoms, meant to represent romance and anime-style facial expressions.”]

Anways… this Andrew Bowser guy, it turns out, really is an actor. I looked him up on IMDb.com:

You can find out even more about him on Wikipedia: “Andrew Bowser is an American actor, writer and director best known for his film collaborations with Joseph M. Petrick, including co-directing and starring in the independent comedy The Mother of Invention.[1] Bowser also wrote, directed and starred in Jimmy Tupper Vs. The Goatman of Bowie which premiered at the 2010 South By Southwest Film Festival.”

I’m actually gonna go and look up some of his movies right now… You’re welcome.

Noah “Shark” Robertson

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