Tiaday Ball grand-daughter of Ernie Ball attacks woman at show

Low quality cell phone footage of the incident ^^^

Reports are surfacing of another “cell phone” incident at a recent show at The Bamboo Room at King Wah’s in Medford, Oregon. The altercation happened between a woman in the crowd and Tiaday Xavier Ball, lead singer of The World Over.

A local man in attendance has taken to social media to call out the singer. Taylor Bates posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“In all the 15+ some years I’ve been attending, booking, hosting, performing, and touring at shows, I’ve never seen a performer do something as petty, unprofessional, and pathetic as the vocalist of The World Over tonight. Normally I don’t feel a need to publicly call anyone out, but what I saw tonight was outrageous and shameful. People should be held accountable for how they mistreat others.

I watched as Tiaday, the vocalist of the world over, stole an unengaged crowd member’s phone from the back of the room mid-song because she didn’t like that the crowd member was texting someone else rather than watching her play.
She held that girl’s property hostage during that entire song, carrying it around and raising it like a trophy.

When she finally put the phone down, the girl whom she stole it from walked over to reclaim her phone. Tiaday started shoving and kicking her and yelling at her to “Put down your f***ing phone, this is a metal show!”

The girl finally got her phone back and started walking back into the crowd, doing a really great job of ignoring the pissy vocalist’s tantrum, so the vocalist ran and jump kicked her with a completely unwarranted cheap shot in the back. When the girl turned around upset, the vocalist started yelling at her to “Bring it on!” instigating a fight in the middle of their set.

The girl started fighting back and it turned into a small fist fight in the middle of The World Over’s set. The people running the show came in from a different room, saw the fight, and took the girl who was being bullied outside, not knowing that Tiaday was the one who caused all of the commotion.

Then Tiaday went on to preach drama to the crowd about how “You paid money just to sit on your phone? That’s f***ing stupid! I just got punched in the face and the show is still going!”

Tiaday, what you did was pathetic. It’s not the crowd’s responsibility to entertain you while your band is playing. That’s absolutely right they paid THEIR money and it’s THEIR time, so what’s it to you if they choose to spend their time at the show on their phones or not? They’re free to watch or to not watch.

If the crowd is bored enough to look at their phones while you’re playing then maybe you should do a better job of being an entertaining performer that actually captivates their attention. Rather than being a bully and a disrespectful human being.”

Below is Tiaday’s take on the incident:



1 thought on “Tiaday Ball grand-daughter of Ernie Ball attacks woman at show

  1. Something similar happened to me at a show I was at of hers a few weeks ago! She chucked a full, FIGI water bottle directly at my head because I didn’t want to walk up to the front, after calling my friends and I names. It hit me in the face and got me soaked, since i was looking down at the time, checking my phone. This is ridiculous and not what music is about. Needless to say, I will never be supporting her again.


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