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I went back as far as you can go, in the news archives of, all the way to page 996. It won’t let you go any further. Not sure if this is technically the first post on, ever, or if this is just as far back as they have displayed. Anyway, The first post available is this one. The comments are hilarious and ironic and only prove my point further:

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The metal head, the scene kid, the hardcore kid, the punk, the goth… No matter what the label, they all have one thing in common, (aside from being some of the most passionate and die-hard music fans on this planet), they are all part of the most scrutinizing and fickle groups of music fans out there. Here’s an example: Nickelback. There are a slew of bands that LOOK and SOUND exactly like Nickelback, and yet they continue to sell albums and garner success and fans. The fact that there are hundreds, and possibly thousands, of bands who look and sound exactly like Nickelback, doesn’t deter more generic carbon copies from spawning and, unfortunately, gaining success of their own. But a metal band wouldn’t dare try to do something as minuscule as wear a mask on stage, for fear of being ripped to shreds by fans of Slipknot. Die-hard metal fans can be brutal. It would make sense though, wouldn’t it? Metal music is hardcore and so are the fans… This can best be represented in the user postings of a heavy metal news website called The website was launched in 1999 and has quickly become a leading resource for heavy metal news, however the site itself has been overshadowed by it’s own users. This doesn’t mean that Lambgoat isn’t great at what they do, it’s just that more people visit the site nowadays to read what the Lambgoat users are saying about the latest band news and gossip. If you haven’t visited the site, and are looking to kill some time, then do yourself a favor and click over immediately. Not only will you be informed on the latest happenings in metal, the latest signings, the latest album releases, etc. etc., but you’ll also get a good laugh at what the insane Lambgoat users are posting in response. A Lambgoat news post will typically be followed by a few morons vying for the first post, which they will declare with a simple “first post.” Another common sight is the “no care” response, usually at the most inappropriate of times. Some of the more brutal responses are ones like “vanflip”, wishing death and devastation on a band they may not be particularly fond of. Then there’s just the classic “this band sucks” and “no they don’t” arguments that break out almost without fail. Vist today and you’re sure to find some exciting news, discover a new band, or witness pure internet dim-wittedness in it’s purest form. Enjoy!

Here’s just a small example:


Article by Noah “Shark” Robertson

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