ZOMBIESHARK! – A truly remarkable transformation

A while back I discovered a band called ZOMBIESHARK! More than likely the result of another one of my sleepless nights, roaming the depths of the internet… not to mention I love sharks, zombies, and naturally, zombie sharks… so it was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon this project…


Anyway, I found this band and just LOVED the name. I thought what they were doing was pretty interesting, even though the quality of their recordings really wasn’t all that great. But really, that’s pretty common in the Nintendocore scene. Wait? Did I say Nintendocore? Yes, yes I did. If you weren’t aware, this is a genre of music… and it’s awesome. What is Nintendocore? Well…

Nintendocore (also known as Nintendo rock, video rock, and nerdcore) is a music genre that fuses aggressive styles of modern rock with chiptune and video game music.”

There are a few bands that take part in this scene, mostly underground, some of them good, some of them not so good. In the very, VERY early stages, The Browning, was closely linked with this movement. Back when The Browning was experimenting with electronicore/crunkcore/nintendocore sounds. Eventually The Browning became a full fledged band and went on to do stuff and things. More about that in a sec…

Something about this band ZOMBIESHARK! that I just really liked, so I decided to stick their song “DEATHCORE SHARK!” on a Swimming With Sharks Records sampler that I was putting out…

Swimming With Sharks Records Metal Sampler Volume 3

I never really thought anything more about the band, to be honest…

As it turns out… ZOMBIESHARK! has been evolving over the years. Morphing into something completely different, while still incorporating remnants of their Nintendocore roots.

The band is comprised of two guys, Curly Swope – Gameboy/Vocals and Jeff Brown – Guitar/ Programming, out of Reading, PA. All this time they’ve been meticulously working on, and honing their craft. The band recently hit me up and reminded me that they exist; told me to check out their new stuff they are releasing today. I kind of rolled my eyes and laughed and went and checked it out… and was completely blown away! The band is LIGHT YEARS away from where they once were! (And it’s a humbling and gratifying feeling to know that they site The Browning as one of their biggest influences.) What once was a novelty act, to some degree, has sprouted into a REAL band.

The band just released, as of just a few moments ago, a brand new single entitled “The Digital Sea” from the album ‘The Digital Sea’. I highly recommend checking it out. And before you listen to 10 seconds of it and immediately dismiss the band and the track, I implore you to REALLY listen to the entire thing. The band may not have the best production in the world yet, (go back and listen to DEATHCORE SHARK! featured on the Swimming With Sharks Records Metal Compilation Volume 3), but they have come such a LONG way, it’s incredible!

I suggest giving the song a chance, and allowing yourself to hear their new found maturity in songwriting, production, and lyrical content. It’s remarkable, truly. If deathcore, and electronicore, and nintendocore just aren’t your thing. I totally get it. We suffered our share of hate in The Browning too. But I have a feeling this band is going to someday do great things. Especially if they keep up all the hard work and determination! Go Zombie Shark!

Check out the song/video here:

Get the song FREE along with tons of other FREE songs on the brand new Swimming With Sharks Records Metal Sampler Volume 6!

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