Amazing Music Industry Advice from Erik Baker of Concrete Entertainment

Black Concrete

“A young kid inboxed me asking, “Dude, how do I become successful in the music industry?” and I wrote back, “I have no idea, dude? Maybe you could help me with that!!!”. He wrote back, “Haha seriously” and I responded with this…

  1. First, try to succeed in life. That shit is way harder than the music industry, and the music industry is no picnic! Each person is different but these are some things that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me.
  2. Stay focused: losing focus, or not having it to begin with, kills ideas & vibe in the crib. Very few people get where they want to be in life by accident. And talking about doing something is NOT the same as actually doing it. Being focused, you may feel like you miss out on a lot, but missing out on achieving your hopes & dreams is way worse in my opinion.
  3. 86 unsupportive/selfish people: move on from people that do not have your back. I see this with way too many people. They have some horrible person or people in their life that just weigh them down and really add nothing to your life. Surround yourself with people that motivate you, bring out your best and are real with you. I’ll take one real friend over 10,000 fake ones any day. The piece of mind from genuine people surrounding you is priceless.
  4. Be an open book: you have to let it all out. If there’s a beast inside of you, don’t conceal it, let it f’n ride! The world loves a powerful soul. And there are a lot of people that are touched by those with the gift to entertain. I used to get kicked out of class all the time because I was being disruptive. But to me, I knew I was simply entertaining because being an entertainer was my passion, and it still is. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, stop you from doing what you truly love!

Best of luck to you, my man”

Erik Baker

Concrete Entertainment

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