A Case Study – Gusano del Culo (Ukraine)


A band approached me recently from the Ukraine. They submitted their music and info and ended up hiring Swimming With Sharks Entertainment to release their album. I wanted to use the band as a case study, to show what exactly it is that I do for bands. They’re the perfect group to use as an example, because they are virtually unknown. And they are from another country. So we have a great starting point to observe results and progress. Also, let’s keep in mind they aren’t considered “mainstream” to any degree. They’re music is raw, dark, and aggressive. And they’re called Gusano del Culo, which literally translates to ass worm… Oh yeah, and their album is called ‘ASSWORM’. Let’s see what sort of results will come of this… What’s the point in signing to a small independent label? What’s the point in hiring a publicist? What’s the point in paying to have somebody distribute, market, and promote your band and music? Let’s find out.

To start, let’s record some initial stats. As of me typing this, the band has 37 likes on Facebook. If you google the band, you’ll pretty much find nothing. They have an album preview on Youtube that’s been out for 6 months and has around 300 views.


I’m starting this case study at around Midnight on March 9th, 2018. The album is set for release today, Friday. So far, this is everything I have done: I collected as much information I could about the band. I asked them for info, links, assets, bios, pictures, anything that could help me promote Gusano del Culo. I asked them for their album info, and tracks, and album art… everything. Even though their English is pretty decent, it wasn’t perfect. Their info was definitely hard to decipher. I could tell they would need some help organizing and “translating” all this for the American press. First, I digitally distributed their music to all the major retailers, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more. Next, I took all of this information and put together a professional press release. Next, I chopped their album promo video up and made my own version, with clips that I thought best displayed the band’s strong points. I then hired a publicist to help with the release. Jon Asher from Asher Media Relations. He deals with a lot of “aggressive” and underground music. He does a great job. Let’s see what happens next…

Here’s the album preview I put together, using parts of their original video:

Here’s the official press release that goes out today:

Groove metal outfit Gusano del Culo from Ukraine have signed a worldwide distribution deal with Swimming With Sharks Entertainment. Their debut release entitled ‘ASSWORM’ was produced by Konstantin Ratnikov (Anvil Records) and is available now. The group is heavily influenced by artists such as Sepultura, Slipknot, Coal Chamber, Korn, Soulfly, and Slayer. The aggressive music of GDC explores themes of pain, depression, loneliness, hate and suicide.

Frontman Dima Klubov states, “We’d like to thank Noah “Shark” Robertson and Swimming With Sharks Entertainment. Also, Konstantin Ratnikov, Alexander Cherminyov, Nick Kushnir, Sergey Bilenko, Sergey Kochmar, and Andrew Dodor. And thanks to everybody who supported us and continues to support us. Thank you!”

Gusano del Culo (GDC) is an Experimental/Nu/Groove metal band from Cherkassy, Ukraine. The band was formed in 2014 by Alexander “MEAT” Cherminyov, Oleg Tcygankov, Ilya “PLUSHIK” Bryklya, Alex “HELLBOY” Kydriavtsev and Dima “DEE KAY” Klubov. In October of 2017, GDC performed their debut show, METAL NIGHT in Cherkassy, Ukraine; sharing the stage with Midgard, DEATHINCARNATION and Demonologist.

‘ASSWORM’ is available March 9th, 2018 via Swimming With Sharks Records, Zombie Shark Records, and everywhere music is sold.


‘ASSWORM’ Tracklist:

1. Intro

2. Stay Under Me

3. Asylum

4. Meltdown

5. Locked

6. Time to Hate Me

7. Downside

8. I Am Breathing

9. Stranger


Gusano del Culo is:


Dee Kay – Vocals

Plushik – Guitar/Bass

Hellboy – Drums







Vk: https://vk.com/gusanodelculo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gusanodelculo/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMu8duZAPWRTm7EyN2BEVAg




Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/album/4U10kaCUCOBm3X4oQJbrO3?si=v6fcd_mpR26AJKB_Ea646w

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/assworm/1354952293

Amazon – http://a.co/5mZBZKf


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